It’s July 2016 and it was hot and humid. I was sitting in the middle of a warehouse on Southwest Blvd in KC with the loading dock door open and an industrial fan blowing. It was 90-something degrees, I was wearing slacks, a button down and a tie. I Scott Yingling - LED Directwas sitting at a table by myself and had been for several hours, looking over ways that I could “sell LED lights” or even figure out what the hell an LED was. The fan was acting more effectively as a convection oven rather than something to cool me down. My clothing had to be 90% transparent with the amount of perspiration (sorry for the disturbing imagery). I had just taken a job with LED Direct and was the first salesman in a company of two people. I had 1 month of sales experience, my degree was in biology, my past work experience was being an EMT in an ER for 2 years and having thousands of hours of shadowing doctors and surgeries. Why was I called here? How on earth am I going to make this work? Where do I, what do I even, why can’t I just…. Whatever. I’m here, let’s figure this thing out.

Fast forward. It’s May 2019. The loading dock door is still open. I mean yeah, we closed it since July ’16 but shut up, I’m telling the story here. I’m sitting at an adjustable sit-stand desk in jeans and a company polo. We have heating and air conditioning even though we don’t need to use it this morning. I now know what an LED is (Light Emitting diode that uses a semi-conductive material to emit energy as light from only 180° instead of a 360° range, saving at least 50% of ene…. Sorry, got sidetracked). I now have almost 3 years of sales experience, there are 4 full-time salesmen and 2 locations: Wichita and KC. I’ve helped hundreds of people save energy, money, and time amongst a plethora of other stresses in their lives. Everyone from the average Joe electrician to massive building and company owners have benefited and thanked LED Direct. Not only that, but I’ve developed wonderful business relationships and even a few personal relationships along the way.

LED Direct in 2016

LED Direct in 2019

The point is this. You’re here, figure it out. It is going to work out for the better. If you are stressing over maintenance of your facility or expenses, we can probably help. Give us a call and let’s talk about some LEDs. Or just talk. I’m a pretty charismatic guy, I’d love to shoot the breeze for a few minutes!  Thanks for taking the time to read this. Have a great rest of your week guys.

Scott Yingling
LED Direct