Lighting and Workplace Safety

How does lighting affect the safety of your workplace?

Limiting Liability with LED

A major concern within the manufacturing industry is the safety of its employees. With the increasing number of regulations impacting the way these businesses operate, facility managers must be more diligent than ever about providing their workers with a safe environment.  One of the most important aspects to creating a safe environment is maintaining a well-lit facility.

How does poor lighting affect the work environment?

Improper lighting can create a hazardous work environment and puts companies at risk. According to an online source, 85% of people receive information through their sense of sight. Without ample light, employees working near industrial machinery or operating hand-held tools are at a higher risk of hurting themselves or others. Not being able to focus on objects correctly, having a delayed reaction or incorrectly operating machinery can all be due to poor or misplaced lighting.

How does LED help?

Lighting has a big impact on safety

Implementing LED into the work-place can ultimately fix these issues. LED’s have a longer life-span compared to HPS (High-Pressure Sodium) and MH (Metal Halide) lights. They generate less heat and don’t rely on multiple resources to continuously run. Because of this, LED requires less maintenance and can save companies up to 80% in electrical costs. This allows facilities to invest more in the quantity and quality of their light fixtures.

LED is also directional and can be strategically placed in high traffic areas to maximize the potential of the fixture. Rather than being restricted by a reflector like HPS lights, LED fixtures can be mounted with the purpose of providing ample light to a larger area.

Transitioning to LED can increase light dispersion through an area at a fraction of the long term cost. There are significant advantages to upgrading the quality of light within a facility including helping to keep employees safe.

Where to Buy

At LED Direct​, we specialize in helping customers purchase the correct light for their unique applications. We offer free photometric drawings, free samples, and local stock in all LED showrooms. Workplace safety is a major concern for our customers and we strive to help them maintain a risk-free facility. Let us help limit your liability and increase safe productivity.

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