Rebates & Financing


One of the value added resources LED Direct provides is assistance with obtaining Energy Efficiency rebates with local utilities.  These rebates often change and can include an immense amount of paperwork to complete. When you work with LED Direct, you can take that task off your plate.  We will handle all filing and communication with the utility provide to ensure the maximum rebate is obtained.


Recently, the lighting industry has begun to see that financing your project can be a viable and effective tool to limit out of pocket capital expenditures up front. We partner with Financing companies that use “equipment leases” to financing up to 100% (including labor and taxes) of your LED retrofit project. This allows you to keep cash on hand for other projects. These projects can be financed for up to 72 months.

Often times, the monthly payment is offset or less than the monthly savings you will see on your utility bill.

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