LED Featured Project: Bennett – Kansas City

Facility: Bennett

Electrical Contractor: Casey Phillips Electric



The Bennett facility is active nearly 24/7, which means their lights are almost always on. They originally had roughly 2500 8ft T12 lamps that were consuming a lot of energy. The lights also flickered periodically, burned out frequently, and did not provide sufficient lighting for the space.  


We removed all of the T12 lamps and replaced them with LED T8s. This significantly reduced the energy consumption while increasing the lighting output. The LED lamps last much longer than the old T12s, so they will save on maintenance costs as well. 


Why we chose this solution:

We chose this solution to create a safer work space. Bennett is located underground in the caves, and lighting is very important. The facility has over 600,000 square feet, and forklifts and other extremely expensive machines are regularly in operation throughout the space. Reducing accidents and creating safer areas to work were the primary goals for this company. After the KCP&L rebates, the lights will have paid for themselves in about 12 months. 

The Impact:

The conversion to LED lighting resulted in brighter work spaces, safer areas, and large energy savings.

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