LED Featured Project: Carriage Club – Kansas City

Facility: Carriage Club – Kansas City

Electrical Contractor: Carriage Club – Kansas City


  • The chief problem was that the courts were not well lit
  • Another problem was that the maintenance costs on the high-intensity discharge lamps were very high
  • The facility had to rent a specialty lift every time they needed to work on the fixtures because they could not disturb the court surfaces
  • This required thousands of dollars every time the lighting needed work


  • We designed a specific light layout through photometric reports to give a precision light capable of complete coverage for sports lighting. 
  • We used a high-quality product which has a 10-year warranty, thereby eliminating maintenance costs for the facility for the next 10 years.


Why we chose this solution:

  • Because it was a tennis court, a lot of light needed to be directed to the playing surface, and almost none just outside the playing area, so that we would not disturb neighboring spaces.
  • We needed a precision product: the Finney series allowed us to design the optics of the light to meet the exact parameters of the courts.

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