LED Featured Project: LRI Co. – Wichita –

Facility: Northridge Warehouse – Wichita

Electrical Contractor: Gideon’s Source of Kansas

Project Overview: 

This facility was recently put on the market in search of a new tenant. The property manager wanted to update the warehouse by installing more effective lighting and decreasing the overall electrical costs.

The Results:

By installing new LED high bays, we were able to update the building by producing consistent and more powerful lighting while decreasing the electrical expenditures by 81%. 



Because the owners of this building were looking to attract new tenants, updating the warehouse lighting was a must. This facility also had a redundant number of fixtures, and their electrical costs were higher because of this. Our goal was to reduce the number of fixtures while also creating a powerful and consistent lighting layout. 


First, we took the measurements of the warehouse and created a custom lighting layout with a photometric.

All 57 of the 1000w Metal Halide Fixtures and unnecessary conduits were removed, and replaced with 36 new 300w LED high bays. These high bays were installed in locations specified by the photometric, and significantly increased the light output in the facility. 


The primary goal of this project was to reduce overall electrical costs while maintaining a high output of light throughout the facility. The photometric allowed us to calculate how many total fixtures were needed to meet both of those objectives. 

1000w Metal Halides are easily replaced by 300w LED high bays. This replacement decreased electrical costs by 70%. Because we created an even layout and removed several of the redundant fixtures, we were able to further reduce the electrical expenses. All in all, we cut their monthly electrical expenses by 81% while still maintaining an average of 45 footcandles. This project will pay for itself in less than a year!

How LED Direct Can Help You:

Designing lighting layouts and creating custom solutions for industrial spaces is what we do best. By allowing us to create a turnkey proposal for your facility, in which we are responsible for the design and products to create the best lighting experience, we are able to reduce electrical and service expenses, while also delivering the exact light levels that you need. If you want us to design the optimum lighting in your workspace, or if you have lighting questions about your industrial space, please call either of our Kansas City or Wichita locations to speak to our experts.

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