LED Featured Project: Marigold Grand Hotel – Wichita

Facility: Marigold Grand Hotel – Wichita

Electrical Contractor: : Gideon’s Source of Kansas


“Thank you for taking care of us right away. This is a great improvement and we are very happy with the outcome.”

Surya Das, The Marigold Grand Hotel

THE RESULTS: Light output has been increased by 500% while reducing energy by 25%

  • Lighting has been increased from 2 footcandles to 10 footcandles throughout the entire parking lot
  • Eliminated large shadow directly facing the front of the building
  • Illuminated the front side of the hotel without any major glare



  1. This hotel had (6) 400w metal Halide pole-lights in their front parking lot, and faced constant performance challenges. Four out of the six metal halides had poor capacitors, and they were only casting around 6,000 lumens.
  2. Due to the issues with their metal halides, there was a large shadow between the poles, and the front of the building was hardly lit. They had an average of 1-2 footcandles throughout the entire parking lot.


  1. Our first priority was to increase light levels within the parking lot. We decided to upgrade the fixtures to a 300w LED Pole Light, which brought the light levels up drastically. The existing pole had a triple bull-horn mounting bracket, so we provided each fixture with a slip-fit mounting kit. This allowed our electrician to have a seamless, easy installation.
  2. We instructed our electrician to position the new fixtures differently than before, thus eliminating the shadow between poles. Additionally, we were able to cast a healthy amount of light onto the building, which is now completely lit.


Why we chose this solution:

  1. Normally, a 400w MH Bulb is replaced by a 150w LED fixture. Although this would have been a viable option, the end-user wished for a major increase in light output. Our 300w Wyandotte Series Pole Light is 42,000 lumens, and provided the exact amount of light that our customer wanted.
  2. Rather than removing the existing mounting bracket, we were able to utilize our slip-fit mounting kits to provide a unique, customized lighting layout. This allowed us to provide ample light to areas that had been previously neglected. Creating a nice, bright lighting package for this hotel allows them to market their business better, and provide their customers with a safe environment.

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